Feb 15, 2009

February Promotion

It's Valentine's Day! Yeay for those who think that matters.

We have great deals for ya....
  • Cappy Box Handbag is now RM65! (normal price:RM100)
  • Medium Tote Bag is now RM70! (normal price:RM100)
  • Leather Sling Bag is now RM70! (normal price:RM100)
  • Ribbon Tote Bag is now RM65! (normal price:RM70)
  • Glamorous Knotty Bag is now RM60! (normal price:RM70)
  • Free delivery charges when you buy our 'Cappy Box handbag', 'Leather Sling bag', or 'Medium Tote bag'. Anywhere you are!
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